Monday, February 9, 2009

Erik Enocksson and other Quiet Swedish Music

Erik Enocksson @ BERG 211 from Kning Disk on Vimeo.

Erik Enocksson on myspace

Cover for Erik Enocksson's "Harsh and stubborn that river bends/Dark and shrewd, no light it lends" 7" - photo by Fredrik Wenzel.
Erik Enocksson, Sommar.

Also - Check out this free (and legal) download called Epoche by Fiktion -c/o Frukt Recods. Fiktion writes, "It's an invite from Fiktion for you and your ipod to take a walk arround in your local woodland. To get lost and to find your way, to see patterns and to break patterns. Be sure to listen to the album as a whole, and we're sure you'll have a unique journey in some individual way. " The album comes with a beautiful pdf "booklet" and is well worth a download.

For any of you visual artists reading this - these two musicians are both recommended listening for making some art.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the music tip. You're right, it's wonderful for creative endeavors. Thanks also for the Matthew Cornell blog post. I like you're paintings too.

Your fellow cardboard box enthusiast-



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