Sunday, February 15, 2015

Soothing sounds and smells

Shout out to NYCMUG and his kind words about my musical recommendations - today's choices are all about soothing sounds and smells. The pictures above are a recent mix I made of rose pedals and desert sage - according to Hildegard Von Bingen "If you are hot-tempered or irascible, you should take the rose and sage and grind them to powder - in that hour when wrath rises in you - you should hold it in front of your nose. The sage comforts, the rose gives pleasure and delight."

In keeping with those comforting notions (to varying degrees)- here are a few musical recommendations:

Olli accurately describes this as a "blanket of fog"

Old friends from Indiana - a really great new album:

And this song may be sentimental, but it sure is sweet:


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