Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jarred De Palo at Newspeak

On a walk yesterday, I stumbled upon a great show of prints titled "Dependency" by Jarred De Palo. It is in the front of a tattoo shop that also sells some art supplies and clothing - called Newspeak (2907 E. Colfax - near the Shoppe and the Fabric Lab). I'm glad I walked in, because this is a show that should not be missed. The hand-pulled and editioned silk screened prints are all very reasonably priced - $30-60 if I recall right. They look like they are printed on high-quality paper with nice little embellishments near the signature. Jarred has composed a lot of clever and interesting silhouette designs, most of which are also being printed on some clothing. Check it out!

T-Shirt designs by Jarred De Palo (these same designs are printed in positive on white paper for the short-run editions).

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