Monday, November 24, 2008

More fences...

Cover of November 2008 Art in America
Tsibi Geva, Cafiya 25, 1990
Mixed media on canvas, 240x178cm

Evan Gruzis - found here.

Driss Oudahi “fences” 2008 oil on canvas, 67×71 inchesDriss Oudahi “fences” 2008 oil on canvas, 67×71 inches
Sarah Morris, "Aluminum Fence", Acrylic on Canvas, 72" x 72", 1997 (sorry I couldn't find a higher res version)


Leah said...

These are amazing.

Moon River said...

Hi Nathan
do you know Israeli artist tsibi geva?
he is got lovely fences as well

take a look


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