Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Music of the Year Megapost

I do post about music from time to time, but this is a mostly art-based blog so I decided to pair my favorite albums of the year with the art, video or photos that listening to the album brings to mind.

Best music for gravel roads:
Constantines, Kensington Heights
Richard Serra at Denver Art Museum, photo by fernandor93

Best music for missing someone or some place:

Best music for golden hour sunlight:
Tony Sherman, Near Asolo, Encaustic on Canvas, 48x54"

Best music to listen to while under a fur blanket in an ice hotel:
Portishead, ThirdTacita Dean, Chere

Best music to accompany finding old newspapers in your grandparents attic:

Not Vital, 50 Snowballs, Murano Glass, 2001

Best music to eat cupcakes to:
Chairlift, Does You Inspire YouChristian Holstad, Grasping For Straws, 2005

Best music for scenic vistas - grand, operatic and powerful:
Shearwater, Rook

Caspar David Friedrich

Best music for driving through the desert:
This photo is from the Four Corners area and perfectly suits the desolate expanses of the Earth album.

Best music for making a huge mess with complete abandon:
Man Man, Rabbit Habits
Daniel Richter, untitled, 1999, oil paint on canvas, 219.9 x 150.1 cm / 86 4/7 x 59 1/8 "

Best music to have an indulgent and somewhat nostalgic party to:
Jeff Koons at Versailles - photo steph90j

The closest sonic equivalent of several weeks of Midwestern overcast skies:

Paul Graham, Man Walking in White Shirt, Atlanta, 2002

Stay tuned for my top ten of the year...

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