Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm starting the biggest panel I've worked on since moving to Denver - definitely stretching the limits of my kitchen nook studio. The panel is 42"x60".

The bones of the panel
Adding glue

ClampsAdded weight to secure the glue to the center of the panel. I piled up other panels that are in progress and my drafting table on top for good measure. I'll let it dry overnight and then begin applying wood-filler to the imperfections in the wood, then sand down the edges and the top before I start applying gesso.


Tim McFarlane said...

Nice to see the beginning stages of this. I like the piling on of everything 'but the kitchen sink' to get the job done. Did you construct the cradle frame as well?

Nathan said...

Yeah I built the cradle too. It's pretty over-built, but I had some extra wood and no good place to store it, so I just made extra braces.


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