Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last Sunday I showed you all of the canvases I've been preparing. It seems that was a bit of a distraction because right now I'd like to plan on my next show being made up of just panels. So Thursday after work I built three more sizeable panels:

(I don't love the logos on the back, but it is better plywood)

I'm going to be painting at least one of the fog images that I took in City Park recently, but in order to do so I had to have new references. To clairify - when I tried a foggy image for my last show I found that it was easier to obscure it if I could better see what I was painting in the first place. The same was true with the waterfall image I recently completed. In short, I painted both works mostly from better-lit or daylight images and then added fog or darkness over it - rather than painting directly from a foggy or night time image.

Here is the reference image I used for a work I did last year- I painted this pretty directly (including most of the tree branches and far off mountains) before adding a layer of semi-transparent blue/white over it for the final painting:Here are the references for my next work:
Above is the image that I will be portraying in the painting and below is the day-light image that I took yesterday to have a better idea of what I'm painting:

(hope this all makes sense)


michelle said...

so excited to see these!

Nathan said...

Thanks Michelle. Hope they live up to the reference images.


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