Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Variations on a Theme

A couple of weeks ago I posted a photo of my studio with my current progress and a painting by Edvard Munch that I have been enjoying lately - Self-Portrait with Burning Cigarette (1895). After that post, Norwegian artist Markus Brendmoe emailed me a few examples of his works that also ruminate on Munch's self portraits. I'm particularly fond of his recent work interpreting Munch's Self Portrait: Between Clock and Bed.

Edvard Munch, Self Portrait: Between Clock and Bed, 1941,
Oil on canvas 149.5 x 120.5 cm

Markus Brendmoe, Self Portrait: Between Clock and Bed, 2009

Jasper Johns has also done numerous variations on the patterning found on Munch's bed spread (from Self Portrait: Between Clock and Bed) including this print, made in 1976.

Edvard Munch, Self-Portrait with Burning Cigarette
1895; Oil on canvas, 110.5 x 85.5 cm - photo from the WebMuseum.

Markus Brendmoe, Self Portrait with Cigarette

Markus Brendmoe, Quiet, Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 100 inches, 2007

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