Friday, April 30, 2010

Hiking Apex Park

This elk was standing in the middle of the trail yesterday you can see Denver in the background.

One of my new favorite hikes is just a 25 minute drive from Denver near Golden. It's called Apex Park -just above Heritage Park and not far from Red Rocks. Yesterday we saw a dozen or more mule deer along with just as many elk. The hike is pretty moderate but not a stroll. All together it works out to be a few miles that wind through the woods, along a stream and with a pretty steady grade for a lot of the hike. You can read more about it here.


liza said...

Doug and I are talking about this right now. Thanks for the link/info - we can go hike there on our way down sometime soon.

Nathan said...

it's a great hike. Sunday we did it again and took a different route through the "enchanted forest" - a really beautiful woodsy jaunt off of the main Apex trail.


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