Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A couple of small works

I've been making lots of small studies and experiments lately - including this pastel study of a Scottish landscape done as a demo for drawing class and a small acrylic painting (4x6") of a coyote. The black background behind the coyote reflected in the photo quite a bit but you get the idea:

UPDATE: This little guy was posted on the well known tumblr blog This Isn't Happiness yesterday!


Sophie said...

I saw you work here and just had to click through because that coyote painting is wonderful. So much is expressed with such little actual information in the image. I would love to explore this technique with my printing.

Nathan said...

Thanks Sophie. Of course the little work I can't seem to get a good photo of is the one that gets posted on This Isn't Happiness. Glad you enjoyed it anyway. My technique for this was a lot of layering - painting in whites then covering them with transparent browns, then bringing out highlights then covering with brown...in the end some of the fainter highlights are under several layers of paint and the brighter ones are near the top.

Nathan said...
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