Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recent Inspiration and Denver Updates

My posting has been a lot more sporadic lately, but those of you still checking in should know I haven't abandoned this blog. I'm working on a lot of new paintings (5 in progress right now), preparing for a new job and in general, just juggling my usual balance (or imbalance) of work and art.

My good friend Bill Amundson will be giving a talk at Plus Gallery tomorrow night, November 4th - don't miss it. The talk is at 7, and will definitely be crowded, so I might recommend coming a little and enjoying some beverages sponsored by Colorado Cider Company. It will be entertaining for sure. To prep yourself, check out his recent Untitled Art Show podcast.

Also, this Saturday is Night at the Museums with many local museums participating in free special events and extended hours.

As for recent inspiration:

Kubrick films (recently enjoying the Killing from 1956):

Caspar David Friedrich-esque paintings by Seamus Conley:

"Dusty" 2011 36x60 oil on canvas

Abstraction by Thomas Nozkowski, Zak Prekop (pictured below), Keltie Ferris (of course) and the recent exhibition of Motherwell paintings at the Denver Art Museum.

I've been playing the beautiful choral music of Juliana Barwick in my studio a lot lately:

If that wasn't enough - here's a new mix you can stream;

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