Friday, February 24, 2012

Mamma Andersson

Dazzle, 2011
Mixed media on panel, 99x184.5 cm
Doldrums, 2011
Mixed media on panel, 107x195 cm
Ramble On, 2011
Mixed media on panel, 111,5x228,5 cm

Images via Galleri Magnus Karlsson exhibit, "Dog Days".

My good friend Jason Stopa had the opportunity to interview the exceptional painter Mamma Andersson for NY Arts Magazine recently and the result is a fascinating insight into her work and process. One particular part of the interview stuck with me, in which Andersson says,

"It is just daily life that interests me, all those days that just go on. It is in them that great events take place, right in front of us, but we hardly notice them. At its best, we understand afterwards what happened. It applies to love, degradation, persecution, actually everything. Suddenly, it is summer and we never noticed that spring passed."

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