Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wednesday Wind-down

From the artist; "Sun Showers is equal parts relaxation & reflection - the sounds of a warm day spent on the porch, washed in a light rain. For this release, Matthew collected a handful of field recordings - a large wind chime found at the local gardening store, some bird songs from his front yard, and a brief rain shower that eased in one afternoon - and then processed each one to create new, unique texture. Acoustic guitar, keys, and a subtle jazz drum sample were also used to compose the Sun Shower soundscape"

For something a little less open - and a bit more composed, check out Emmalee Crane's "Formantine" album. Whereas the Barlow album above is quiet and private, "Formantine" is big and open. Crane uses a mix of horns and electronic textures to layer up a very rich, complex sound. 

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