Thursday, February 22, 2007

minutiae: a small or trivial detail

This blog will show current progress on art, inspiration for future works, music I'm listening to, design and art that interests me. My newest finished pieces can be seen on my website here. I've also recently completed some very quiet videos.

Here's the one from a few days ago:

My current progress on several new pieces:
The solitary house painting is 2'x3' and will include a small tree in front of the house and a less-plastic look when finished. The smaller landscapes of houses are mostly done but will include more atmosphere above the horizons

Another recently completed project was re-designing a very simple dresser we had in the apartment - taking inspiration from this anthropologie furniture:
We used wood-grain contact paper, and changed the pulls. Simple solution and quite cost-effective when compared to the anthropologie piece.

Current art inspiration and visual interest comes c/o Moonriver blog - the artist Markus Hansen, and these pigeons on a light post this afternoon:

Upon finally watching Marie Antoinette, I've been listening to the soundtrack all day. Sophia Coppola can make a quiet movie like no one else - she really understands timing.


rynobear! said...

i really dig the dresser thing!

Moon River said...

good to see you here.
i'll be visiting your new place...
now, just poped in to say welcome



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