Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Blurb dot Com

I've recently been informed of Blurb.com - a self-publishing site that allows users to make small run, quality books. Users download their program Booksmart and you can put together a book with little or no experience ever doing so perviously. I'm currently working on a book of aerial photography and one of my portfolio - more news on that coming later this fall/winter. Their website and program are both extremely easy to use, and most examples of photography or portfolios in their bookstore look very professional. I would recommend this process to anyone who may be considering making or writing a book, especially artists. Their book-making software has many layouts that are conducive to artists and/or photographers. Why not? Their pricing is very affordable. Go for it.

Check out this book by Jeff Page - a collage artist based here in Denver.


Moon River said...

interesting. so if i understant correctly. this books can be downloaded for free, once the artist has finished making them???

would we be able to do the same with your new book?

Nathan said...

there is a preview of the first 15 pages online once a book is published, but I don't think it is available for download. It will be a book in print available for purchasing.


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