Monday, February 11, 2008

A Blustery Day: Kinetic Art by Theo Jansen - the Power of the Wind

Sorry for the Morrissey-length title - It's another windy day here in Denver - with gusts in the mountains upwards of 70 mph. I came across this amazing Dutch artist on youtube named Theo Jansen who uses wind as part of his work. Watch the video to see his kinetic wind-powered sculptures in action. You can read a Wired article on him here.

If you are in the Denver area and use Xcel Energy (as 70% of Colorado does) - go to this page to support the use of renewable wind energy in your own home or workplace. You can caluclate how much it will cost, and how much of a positive effect you'll have on the Colorado economy and the environment of course. According to Xcel's site, and "Based on EPA Power Profiler statistics, buying one 100 kWh block of Windsource for a year has the following environmental benefits:

Carbon dioxide avoided: 2,443 lbs. CO2
Miles not driven: 2,400
Trees planted: 1/3 acre

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