Friday, February 1, 2008

Nathan Abels, Chris Faller, "Grisaille" (Grayscale)

My statement about the show:
In 1903, German Engineer Julius Neubronner combined a small analog camera with a timer and attached it with a harness to a pigeon. This innovative approach to aerial photography soon raised interest from the German military. Sortly thereafter, exploring the potential for secret aerial reconissance carried out by pigeons began in earnest.

As an aerial survey photographer myself, I drew inspiration for this body of work from reading about these pigeons, who unwittingly served as soldiers, message carriers, and pioneers in the field of aerial photography. These pint-sized photographers were among the first to take aerial photos in teh early 20th Century.
“Racing Pigeons” (Four of Seven Canvases), 12x12” , Enamel on Canvas

“Neubronner’s Photographers, 1904”, 14x11”, Charcoal on Paper

“Vanishing Bearings of Pigeons Released at Various Locations”, 30x22”, Colored Pencil, Graphite, Acrylic on Paper

“Pigeon Aerial Photograph”, 18x24”, Charcoal on Paper

“Pigeon-Mounted Camera”, Dimensions Variable
Plastic, Hardware, Leather, Ink, Acrylic, and Mixed Mediums
(Untitled Photograph) and

“City Plan”, 6x9”, Acrylic, Graphite, Casein and Wax on Panel

“Neubronner’s Photographers, 1904”, 11x10”, Charcoal on Paper
Curiosities Cabinet - Including Pigeon Racing Clock, Photo Developing Unit, Photographs, etc.

“Untitled” Pigeon Photographer Accidental Image: The Park, 14x11”, Carcoal and Ink on Paper

“Untitled” Pigeon Photographer Accidental Image: Parking Lot
6x4” each x 36 (installed as one piece), Photography

“Flight Paths of Eight Homing Pigeons: Fig. B”, 14x11”, Gouche, Ink, Wax on Paper

“Flight Paths of Eight Homing Pigeons: Fig. A”, 14x11”, Gouche, Ink, Wax on Paper

“Pigeon Racing: Release”, 24”x80”, Acrylic on Panel

“Flight”, 22x30”, Colored Pencil, Graphite, and Ink on Paper
Installation View (Left-Hand Wall Upon Entering)

Installation View (Back Wall)
Installation View (Right-Hand Wall Upon Entering - looking from the back)


3977 Tennyson St. Denver, CO 80212
from 6-10 pm with Dj Tony Z

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