Saturday, June 20, 2009

Full Circle: Jeffrey T. Baker and Olafur Arnalds

Jeffery T. Baker, Clinging, Slipping, 2009
acrylic, leafing, toner, graphite, and wax on panel
7.5" x 7.5"

One of my blog "followers" - Jeffery T. Baker recently completed this beautiful small work while listening to the recommended Olafur Arnalds album from my "Music For Your Studio" post a few weeks ago. I love to think of all the random things that fell into place for that to happen - some time ago Olafur Arnalds asked to be my friend on myspace, some time passed and then I checked in on his "found songs" project and proceded to post the music on my "Music For Your Studio" weekly feature, then Mr. Baker downloaded the songs and made a perfect visual accompaniment to it. Wonderful.


Jeffrey T. Baker said...

The internet does seem to offer an infinite number of small serendipities... Thanks for continuing to hunt down the music hidden out there in the electronic ether.

Nathan said...

no problem. Keep up the great work - I'm enjoying what you've been working on lately. and thanks for checking in at my blog.

JuanMa said...

Nice blog! You show us the work of very interesting artists.

(sorry for my english)

I also have a pair of blogs:

the blog where i put my artwork

and my blog where i write (in spanish) about art, and where i show interesting artwork from other people

See you on the web, greetings from Spain.

Nathan said...

Thanks for sharing Juan.


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