Monday, January 11, 2010

Natural Selection

Part of being an artist is knowing when to say "when" and learning how to edit. Not every work "works". There are pieces of mine that didn't seem to grow with time - they festered. There are also pieces that are missing something. I usually refer to that something as the "punch" (as in, "it doesn't have any punch"). Here are a few recent examples of works that have been sanded down and now only exist as digital images:

This fog painting was going ok as of last night but it won't do for the current show and I needed to make the tough decision to paint over it and re-use a good panel for something more powerful.

This was a brief sidetrack of several attempted drawings of sinkholes. I painted over this work and the next piece also was a failure. I think this piece of paper will end up with my pizza box in the dumpster.
These six lackluster works were also recently sanded down and one was painted over to be this:


xenmate said...

Wow, I really like the sinkhole. What didn't work for you?

Nathan said...

not sure. I think the pastel was tearing up the paper and it was too dry looking. something like that.

MC said...

got to say I loved the fog painting myself.

Nathan said...

I think I'll do the fog painting again - for another show. That one was just a warm up :)

Mcuffins said...

cool looking forward to the new fog painting!
did a foggy photo (not painting) myself.

venecia said...

l love the fog painting, the disappearance, the breathing of nature. I really think that some works have born to die soon, to reveal the importance of the process over the result. It´s great that you can let go a painting like that.
I'd like to see the new one :)
congratulations for your work, it's awesome!

Nathan said...

Thanks Venecia -good point in emphasizing the process. The panel did end up being something better-it was actually the piece on the postcard for that show (the one of a snowy road called "Kairos").


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