Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Advice from a Painter: Part 1 - Gregory Euclide

I have been preparing for teaching painting this summer - researching processes, organizing projects, and putting together power points. While doing this it occurred to me it might be more meaningful to students to hear advice and quotes from living, breathing working artists. This starts my (hopefully) weekly blurb from a painter in the form of a tip or advice. First off is Gregory Euclide. Euclide has shown in Denver several times at the David B. Smith gallery as well as the Foothills Art Center as part of their "Habitat" exhibition. Lately he's been getting a lot of buzz because of the artwork he did for the upcoming Bon Iver album (pictured above). I asked Gregory for advice to young artists and he said,

“Read as much as you can about what you are interested in. But don't let that allow you to lose the feeling for what you are interested in.”

- Gregory Euclide

Thanks Gregory!

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