Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Additional Art Blogs

I'd like to take a moment to recommend the art blog of Theresa Anderson - who is a local Denver creative. She covers Denver area exhibitions -like the much talked about Adrian Ghenie show at the MCA Denver, as well as her own works and collaborations. On top of all that - she's a real positive and enthusiastic supporter of the art scene in Denver as a whole.  Be sure to check out her site and works.

Theresa Anderson

Speaking of the Adrian Ghenie show - if you haven't seen it yet it is a must-see. Nearly every painter I've run into in the last few weeks has talked about it - some even saying they've seen the show upwards of three or more times. I posted a Ghenie painting way back in 2007 on this blog - and it is a pleasure to finally see the work in person. Photos online don't do the scraped, flung, and dripped surfaces any justice.

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