Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bird Imprints on Glass

While browsing flickr yesterday I came upon the most unusual photo group; "Bird Imprints on Glass". Currently there are over 80 photos in the group, and all of them feature the impact of a bird (usually pigeons) against a glass window. I realize this is somewhat morbid, but there is a beauty to the patterns left by the last moment of each birds life - and the amount of detail that is captured in some of these impressions is astounding. Audubon estimates that "about 100 million birds die each year in collisions with buildings and skyscrapers in the U.S. and Canada alone."

by xinegrrl
by Karnaphuli
by Superburschi

In somewhat related news, check out windows live maps - where you should click on the "birds-eye" view. This point of view is a twist on the google maps and is actually much like what I see while doing aerial survey photography. It is so detailed that you can actually see people on the ground. You'll get that wide-eyed wonder you got the first time you saw aerial views on google maps.

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