Monday, November 19, 2007

Guest Blogger: Jeff Page

Jeff Page is a collage artist, photographer, and designer based here in Denver. You can find his work here - where he also has links to his etsy site and two great blurb books. Also check out the blog Jenn Ski's praise of his work. Jeff has tons of recommendations and inspiration to share with everyone on this beautiful Monday morning. These lists should give you some insight into his methodology and clue you into more ways to enjoy his artwork:

While involved in making my art, my music likings swing from the obscure to the sensational. I like upbeat pop (like Madonna) or punky dance stuff like LCD Soundsystem or the Rapture to keep my energy up so that I can plow through my projects and dance along the way. But I take my work pretty seriously too and like to think and think and (sometimes) over-think my way through the art making process- which is where the desire for the minimal, yet complicated, electronics of various groups like Monolake or Gas comes in.

MUSIC to make art to:

Lcd Soundsystem- Sound of Silver
Monolake- Polygon Cities
Madonna-Confessions on the Dancefloor
Tarentel- From Bone to Satellite
Thievery Corp- Richest Man in Babylon

My taste for visual Artists also swings from the obscure to the sensational (sort of). I love Designer-ish Art and basically obsess over the careers of Rex Ray and Johnathan Adler. But I also admire and aspire to the thoughtfulness of Wangechi Mutu and Matthew Ritchie's work.

Rex Ray, "Cyphellae"

Wangechi Mutu
Johnathon Adler
Rex Ray
Ryan McGinness
Matthew Ritchie

What? A TV category? I can’t deny it- TV inspires me. Especially Project Runway, the writers from LOST, the eclectic talent of Amy Sedaris in Strangers with Candy and raunch connoisseurs - Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

Project Runway
Strangers with Candy
South Park
The Golden Girls

Thanks Jeff! You can find more guest lists here.

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