Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sculptural Vases

Its a rare overcast day here in Denver, and I'm thankful for the orchid in the window sill on days like this . I think getting flowers should be part of everyones grocery list , especially on a dreary day, so here are a few clever vase ideas to display your findings:Vasemaker by Ron Gilad - this is a great design that allows you to buy just one stem at the florist and elegantly display it with nearly anything that holds water - there is a hole in the bottom of the tile that goes through the small white vase so the stem of the flower goes into the larger container. As greener grass designs puts it " Place VaseMaker over any container and it makes an instant new vase. This ingenious design has the ability to take even the most mundane vessels and containers and turn them into works of beauty."
Waterproof Porcelain Vase, by Designer: Maxim Velčovský Factory by Designer: Maxim Velčovský - you've got to love the environmental commentary with this vase
Vitruvian sculpture vase on ebay - strange, but I'm imagining all of the different hair styles you could give these faces with leafy floral arrangements

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