Thursday, December 6, 2007

Maggie Evans

Vacant Remnants, 38” x 60”, charcoal on paper, 2007
Quiet Tables, 7” x 12”, charcoal on paper, 2007
Quiet Stage, 7” x 12”, charcoal on paper, 2007
Vibrations of an Empty Bar, 6”x 12”, charcoal on paper, 2007

Today's artist is another friend from Savannah. Maggie Evans is a visual artist and a musician and her recent works reflects long nights at bars where her band is playing. Maggie writes, "The building process of these drawings echoes a musical improvisation. Initial strokes define the background the same way a chord progression creates the structure of a song." She reflects on how she has balanced two art-forms in her recent drawings, saying "My intimacy with music offers a different palette from which to create my artwork. Rather than keeping these facets of my life separate, I seek ways for them to interact and amalgamate."

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