Sunday, December 23, 2007

Melanie Smith at Belmar Lab

In better-late-than-never news I just stopped by the Lab at Blemar in Lakewood, CO and saw the Melanie Smith show. It's a pretty diverse show that requires more time than I had allowed for it, but nonetheless there were 5 or 6 gray paintings in the show of aerial views. Here's a good example:

Melanie Smith, "Vanishing Landscape 11", Acrylic enamel on acrylic, 150x180 cm

I loved these paintings (as you can probably guess) - they were executed with what looked like a airbrush and had less minute detail than these internet photos would have you believe - but from a distance they appeared incredibly articulate. If you have a chance to stop by Belmar before the end of the year you should do it.

In other news - I've been having technical difficulties with my computer lately and with it being Chritmastime I haven't been/won't be posting much. I'll be back in full effect around the New Year. Thanks for stopping by again.

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