Friday, January 2, 2009

Memorable Art of 2008 - A Look Back

A month ago (where did that month go?) I put up my music list of the year and it got me thinking about my favorite art or artists experiences/pieces of the it goes...

  • In person:

Damien Hirst at the Denver MCA:

Daniel Richter at the Denver Art Museum:

Jenny Morgan collaborative pieces at Object+Thought in Denver:

The "Manifest Hope" exhibition of Obama art in Denver (Shepherd Fairey and other great Juxtapoz artists):

  • Found online this year:

Digitally composed photographs by Beate G├╝tschown after landscape paintings.

Kaye Donachie, "Your untold dreams I love to see", 2005, oil on canvas

Amy Stein

There were many more (Romanticism, Tonalism, etc)- but these stood out to me when I went through my blog posts for the year.

2008 was also a year of many blogging experiments - some of which I would like to revisit this year, including:

Anything you'd like to see more of in 2009? Leave comments please...

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