Friday, October 10, 2008

Daniel Richter at the Denver Art Museum

photo by Miguel Frutos

Last Thursday I had the privilege to hear Daniel Richter speak at the Denver Art Museum, and this week I saw his exhibition twice. I'm sure I'll see it again before it closes - if you are in the Denver area - do not miss this show. Richter was a very entertaining and inspiring speaker. When describing one of his paintings he said that it was "Me, looking out of my coffin, while being buried alive, being watched by me (with a clown face)...yeah.........suck on that." I think that gives you a little insight into his personality. He was very light-hearted and humourous - not at all what I expected given his imagery and subject matter.
In regard to this recent painting (above) Richter said, "I really thought it through - and I think there's nothing missing." He's right - what more could this painting need? It has art historical references (the Gerhard Richter-esque grid), a Batman figure made out of triangles, a skeleton sexually assulting or strangling Batman, a bird, a male sexual organ in a hourglass... there's really nothing missing.

Richter didn't begin painting in earnest until he was my age (28) and here he is thirteen years later with major museum exhibitions. Although that is quite a feat and pretty intimidating, I think it's inspiring to think that he was starting from scratch at my age and I've been painting for several years. So what I'm saying is - check back on this blog thirteen years from now and look for my first international museum survey. Ha ha. No harm in thinking big.

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Katharine said...

I saw it on Tuesday. Wonderful show- not to be missed, particularly if you are a painter.


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