Monday, March 30, 2009

New Predictions for the Rest of 2009

In late March? Yes. Maybe I should re-title this post "things I'm tired of already in 2009".

1. We will continue to be bombarded with calling everything a "stimulus" or "bailout" or some kind. Along with that - all your reasons for doing or not doing something can be attributed to the economy like we attributed everything to gas prices last year.

2. Triangles and crystal shapes in visual art and album covers. Let's not forget the rainbow stripes either.

3. Goodbye deer antlers, hello tentacles.

via fecal face

Did I miss anything?


emily rose said...

This post made me giggle. Hee hee. So true about antlers.

Nathan said...

yeah and the year before that it was birds (guilty as charged)...

ryno said...

that 'fuck buttons' album art is interesting. i have the record, and it's great, but the art is something i don't think i'll ever enjoy much.


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