Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Rudolf Stingel at Paula Cooper

two photos of the installation from flickr member ~~IIROBII~~

Jerry Saltz mentioned the current Rudolf Stingel show at Paula Cooper gallery while writing about the current state of the art world in reference to Lisa Yuskavage's work. He wrote, "Stingel escapes the irony and kitsch of the recent past and gives us an atmospherics of melancholy and love. I wouldn’t want any of these paintings individually, but together they charge the gallery with thoughts about what it takes to create shows in the wake of orgiastic abundance. Stingel’s installation is a requiem for the white cube and a fond farewell to the last fifteen years. These four shows make you understand that while the market is dying, art is in the process of being reborn. They may not be remembered in ten years, but right now that doesn’t matter."

I was never a fan of irony in art either - good riddance as far as I'm concerned.

Check out Tim&Vas blog for more installation views and visit the Paula Cooper site here.

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