Saturday, May 23, 2009

More Denver Area Coyotes in the News

On my way to work last Thusday morning I was stopped a light at 7 am in the Tech Center area of Denver/Centennial and I looked off to my right and thought to myself "who's dog is that?" because there was no one near the creature besides three lanes of office workers sipping coffee in their cars. It took me a second to realize that the dog I was looking at on the manicured lawn among Tech Center office buildings was actually a good sized coyote. As soon as the traffic started moving again, the coyote ran out of sight. Coyotes have actually been making a lot of local headlines lately:

Here's a photo of Greenwood Village's own "Limpy" the Coyote - see the campaign to protect "Limpy" and other area coyotes here. Also - this week's Westword has an article about Greenwood Village coyote hazing using paintball guns.

Recent headline on the Glendale Cherry Creek chronicle - article here
April 2009 photo from Aurora, CO - photo by flickr user HopefulNebula


liza said...

Wow. We often hear them call to each other at night. We love it, but we expect them in the mountains!

Nathan said...

They seem to be very adaptable animals.


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