Monday, May 4, 2009

Twin Peaks

I watched a lot of Twin Peaks this weekend because a trip out of town got rained out. I was happy to find out that Twin Peaks is on hulu - where you can stream every episode for free. There are a couple of really brief commercials during play, it is well worth the slight interruption because finding dvds of season two is pretty difficult locally. I ran across these great Twin Peaks paintings by Jesse Riggle upon scouring the internet for Twin Peaks info:


Jason said...

Heh, I'm a HUGE twin peaks nerd. I've got AVIs of when they re-played it on Bravo, and the first season on DVD. Studio Canal needs to get over themselves and allow the second season DVD to be released.

This is Jason Abels, btw.

Nathan said...

Season 2 dvds are available and so is a big box set, but I just couldn't find it here in Denver. I'm sure you could order it...


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