Thursday, May 14, 2009

Early Simeone

Suitcase 2003, Inkjet, 24x40 inches
A Chart with Peaks and Valleys 2005, Inkjet, 45x76 inches
Record Cover in a Flash (Air Supply) 2006 Inkjet, 28x28 inches.

I found these landscape variations by Early Simeone at Regina Hackett's Another Bouncing Ball blog, following a link discussing the worth/usefulness of a MFA degree at Freese. I think they relate to another post I was reading at Edward Winkleman's blog regarding pluralism in the visual arts and the age-old artist question of cohesiveness. As I see it, these three works are cohesive in that they all explore a similar topic through multiple visual avenues. I've posted about the concept of a 'body of work' vs more inconsistent/eclectic approaches to art making before - it is a frequent topic of discussion among artists. The topic inevitably returns to whether we are trying to develop a "style" or whether the stylistic similarities should be secondary to concepts or ideas. In my education, I approached most works with a series or show in mind - carefully considering how each would relate to the others formally. Of course formal cohesion can become a bore - as too much of anything can be in painting,interior design, fashion, film, etc. Over time I have been approaching individual works more individually, aiming for the tone and/or concepts to bring cohesion to the works.

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