Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Music for Your Studio; Vol. 20

Double-bill of soft background music for making art to - first feature is The Tumbled Sea "songs". If you enjoyed the Olafur Arnalds album featured a few weeks ago, you should also enjoy this album of piano-based compositions.

SONGS BY THE TUMBLED SEA (link goes to artists blog page where there is a mediafire link for the album)

1. 97202
2. Walking
3. Emily's Song
4. Children Building This Rainman Out of Snow
5. A Song for Staying In
6. Growing Recognition of the Genius of Birds
7. Sleeps
8. May
9. We're Turning Into Regular People
10. Doves
11. Love Song
12. The People You Never Knew About

The second feature is Light Under Water - who shares their ep as a free download:

"LIGHT UNDER WATER is a Moscow-based collaborative project by guitarists Dima T. Pilot and A.B. (both are the core members of BOSCH'S WITH YOU) and keyboardist Nick Zavriev (of AMBIDEXTROUS). Since 2006, the trio (or sometimes LUW appears as a guitar-duo) has been exploring areas of melodic electro-acoustic ambient, emotive organic drone, sonic minimalism, and eschatological psychodelia. By building and layering substantial resonant abstractions, LUW’s delusive imagery transcends the reality in a truly beautiful and unpredictable way."

“Reflective Landscapes Of Nowhere” is, in fact, an official debut-EP by Light Under Water. It includes four exclusive tracks which are not supposed to appear at the forthcoming debut CD-album “Sky Noise Temperature”.


1. At dawn (the lilac sun)
2. Halfway down the well (marengo version)
3. The cinnamon ceasar (live)
4. Instant velocity (live)

This ep is made up of really soft and quiet/sleepy atmospheres - great for a rainy summer evening or a slow morning.

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