Friday, April 1, 2011

Back from NY

I've spent most of my spring break in New York - where I saw an incredible amount of art and spent time with old friends. I'll be posting a lot of art from NY, but I'll start with what is probably one of my favorite sculptures of all time - "Liberty Enlightening the World." I was there yesterday before leaving the city:

the bottom two photos were taken through the 50 cent tourist binocular machines


liza said...

I lived most of my life just north of the city, and a few years in the city and I never went to see Liberty. I'm not really proud of that! I'm glad you were able to go see her.

Nathan said...

It's often the things immediately around us that we forget to do. I live close to the Denver Botanic Gardens for and for years did not visit. Seeing Liberty as a kid really stuck with me, so now almost every time I go I make the stop. The ferry ride alone is worth the trip.


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