Sunday, April 3, 2011

Minmal Abstraction - Old and New

I saw a lot of minimal abstraction in New York and the more I see the more I enjoy it. These images don't even come close to the first-hand experience which is part of what made these works so alluring. The black paint on a Reinhardt painting is something that just doesn't translate to photos, prints, reproductions or anything else. I've been a lot more interested in the surfaces of my own paintings lately, so there was a lot to learn while looking at these works:

Malevich's ''White on White"
Malevich's ''White on White" - detail
Ad Reinhardt - Gorgeous black painting - one of the most perfect surfaces I've ever seen. Like a soft, warm, matte black hole - doesn't look like anything in the photo but it was pretty incredible in person.
Rothko paintings
Donald Judd
Donald Judd

Kate Shepherd
Kate Shepherd
Kate Shepherd - although hard to see in these photos, Shepherd has white geometric line drawings on these shiny surfaces.

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