Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Cal Lane Art and Laser Cut Design

Cal Lane, "Shovels", 2005

Cal Lane, "Wheel Barrel", 2005

There's a clever juxtoposition of fragility/strength and the characteristics of work in these pieces. They look great in the gallery setting from her Foley Gallery show, but I've also been interested in laser cut design elements for modern interiors. Here are a few interesting examples:

"Between Two Chairs" (2002) designed for the invite only competition to give form to a chair for his royal highness the crown prince of Denmark. Made of laser cut metal frame and water cut rubber.I also like these laser cut felt rugs by Liora Manne in various sizes and colors.

And I love these shelves by Susan Bradley from her "Creep" series of tables and shelves. She also does interesting "outdoor wallpaper" and other laser cut pieces.


Anonymous said...
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Paper Dolls for Boys said...

I too love Cal Lane's art, do you know how much her pieces are going for? I know the old saying, "If you have to ask..." so I'm sure it's out of my range but I am curious!


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