Thursday, March 15, 2007

Screen Filler

Sometimes when we have company over, I like to just put on a DVD with nice images. It warms up the room and isn't as distracting as putting on a movie that people might actually watch with intent. I usually put on the Beck "Guero" DVD - because it is essentially V-J video noise, and although the music is great, sometimes its nice to put on and turn off the volume. I've seen the "colorcalm" DVD at a travel shop and it has interesting premise - you can select the color of skies and several other options and have your ambient video match your room or mood. They have another video comprised of ambient video called "by Design." I also found this DVD by Brian Eno called "14 Video Paintings," which by its description should serve the same purpose. None of these videos would be very good for entertainment, but all should work well for video background and should be more interesting than the video aquarium or fireplace. Click images for links.

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rynobear! said...

when i was in college, i used to turn on my television to white noise, some non-chanel chanel, and turn on music and write, or read, or do homework...i didnt want to watch a show or a program, i just wanted something non-offensive going on while i was multitasking...


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