Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Editioned Art and Photography - Lumas and Artocracy

I discovered Lumas Editions at Art Chicago a couple of years ago. They are based in NY and according to their site,

"We created LUMAS with the hope of making the art market more accessible and stirring our passion for photography in a new generation of collectors. With LUMAS, we aspired towards creating a means for experiencing and owning exceptional art photography. Together with an esteemed curatorial board, the LUMAS team spent two years putting together our current, diverse and exciting portfolio.

We offer selected works by these artists as hand-signed original photographs. These editions normally range from 75 to 150 prints, some being available even in full-wall sizes. This allows us to make high quality art photographs affordable to everyone."

Anne Heinlein, from the "Combat Zone" series, "Feld #1"

They update their site and artists frequently and have a huge range of work that is of much higher quality than most places that do editions. I could post a lot of their artists as persons of interest - but go to their site and take a look around. The prints still aren't cheap - but they are reasonable. If you're looking for something more affordable - check out this new site:

Ryan Helsel, "Untitled 10"

At Artocracy you can find prints as cheap as $20-40, with a variety of framing and printing options. Buy Art!

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