Monday, March 5, 2007

My New Work

Nathan Abels, All Untitled (Contrails) . All three are 20x16" Acrylic on Panel.


Moon River said...

love IT!

Kevin Strickland said...

Hey Nate,

These look great! The contrails look real slick.

I am worried I might severely miss the wood shop at scad when it is time to part ways.

Anyway, I am glad you showed me your blog -- I didn't know you had one, actually ... but now I do and I will be back!

Consider yourself linked.


hubs said...

hi nathen, i came over here from coudel. i'm a fellow denver blogger who's loving your work. is it showing anywhere?

Nathan said...

hubs - I have several exhibitions coming up including my Denver debut at Sliding Door Gallery in June. I moved here in Jan, and I've been a part of the co-op for a month now. I'll also be showing at 2 Car Garage Gallery in Savannah in April, ShopSCAD in Atlanta in May, and SDG in June. There's another tenative show here in Denver in August. I'll post about upcoming exhibtions here and on my other website ( Thanks for your interest.


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