Friday, April 13, 2007

5 Albums for Rainy/Overcast Spring Days

I have "music, and inspiration" under the heading of the blog but I haven't posted anything about music yet. Given the current weather conditions, I'll highlight some great albums to listen to on a overcast or rainy day.

Slowreader "Slowreader" - this self-titled album by former members of the Impossibles is one of my all-time favorite cds. Recommended for fans of Elliot Smith, Beck's "Mutations" album (if there were more piano than guitar), and a hint of Simon and Garfunkel, this album is perfect for a quiet day.

Blonde Redhead "Misery is a Butterfly" - sophisticated and symphonic with beautiful vocals by Kazu Makino - they were recently featured in Domino Magazine for their interior design style which compliments their sound very well.

The Radio Dept. "Pet Grief" - melancholy guitars, soft digital drums, and what one reviewer on amazon described as "electronic warmth". Well put.

The second half of this short ep which includes "Monterey (Lounge Version)" and "Droned (In Love Version)" is very quiet and spacy. I prefer shoegazer/hazy music for hazy days.

Starflyer 59 "Fell in Love at 22" ep - a short, blurry, soft album with a 14 minute instrumental epic "Traffic Jam" that I've played over and over again. I would recommend most Starflyer 59 albums, but these brief eps are right on the mark for a day like today.


ryan said...

wow...can't recall the last time i've heard someone bring up some OG starflyer...both those eps are great(altho the joy electric remix kinda stands in the way of it being an ideal ep).

for my money, the gold and silver albums are two of my most favorite of all time, and i have always dreamed of getting the vinyl of those albums.

i just recently got slowreader, and have yet to give it a full listen...i must do this very soon.

thanks nathan.

Kevin Strickland said...

Galaxie 500


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