Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Jacob Isaakszoon van Ruysdael : Landscapes

Jacob Isaakszoon van Ruysdael. "Bentheim Castle" by 1653, Oil on canvas, National Gallery of Ireland, Dublin

Jacob van Ruisdael "View of Haarlem with Bleaching Grounds"
ca. 1665 20"x25". Oil painting on canvas.

Jacob van Ruisdael, "Landscape with Church and Village"
1665-70Oil on canvas, 59,1 x 73,2 cm
Nathan Abels, "Untitled" (Contrails), 20x16" Acrylic on Panel
My friend and fellow artist Kevin Strickland informed me of the Jacob van Ruisdael and you can see the similarities between these beautiful landscapes form the late 17th Century and my recent contrail paintings.

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