Monday, April 9, 2007

Derek Erdman Paintings

"Derek Erdman VS James J. Williams - Round 2"
January 2007

Catalog #1376
$35 (shipping included)

Derek Erdman, "Pair Of Castros & A Double Deck Bus"
January 2007

Catalog #1378
$50 (shipping included)

Derek Erdman, "Floating Zebra"
December 2006

Catalog #1342
$50 (shipping included)

Derek Erdman, "Bowling"
February 2007

Catalog #1405
$40 (shipping included)

I looked through nearly every painting on his site and had quite a bit of trouble picking out a few to highlight because there's so many highlights. It's light-hearted pop-influenced art with ridiculously affordable prices. You can get one of his paintings for less the price of an evening out. Support artists - he's got everything from pigeons, to Saddam Hussein, to a depiction of tug a war with a giant squirrel. Great stuff. Check out his site here:

or click any of the above images to link to its respective page.

1 comment:

rynobear! said...

i am a proud owner of four erdmans! he is one of my favorite artist!


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