Monday, April 2, 2007

New Media Monday : Insulation Foam

"holeymoley land" (detail) installation by Kim Beck

"holeymoley land" (detail) installation by Kim Beck

Via Kim Beck's website; "In this installation made from laser-cut insulation foam and cardboard, forms from road-side signs, highway pylons, parking lot trees and other peripheral roadside structures grow into a huge pink heap, edged by burnt brown clouds of self-same constructions."

Carol Anne McChrystal

Two views from "bad art for bad people" version 2
4.5' x 8' x 4.5'
insulation foam, black paint
may 2006

Steve Robinson, "Crash Position/ Headphones", 1996.
4' h x 4' w x 17' d.
Insulation foam, wood, aluminum.
foreshortened view

Steve Robinson, "Crash Position/ Headphones", 1996.
Installation view.

Lately I have been growing in my proficiency at packing my paintings for shipping. I generally ship my work between layers of cardboard and pink insulation foam. I've found this to be the cheapest and most efficient solution. I remembered seeing Kim Beck's installations in Art in America not too long ago and later online using the same material and sought out other artists using this cheap, lightweight stuff. I found Steve Robinson and Carol Anne McChrystal.
These artists all use the material differently - installation, sculpture, and installation/painting, but are similar in their basic materials.

On a side note; my exhibition in Savannah, GA at the 2 Car Garage Gallery this last weekend went quite well and I will be posting images soon.

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