Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hand Drawn Vintage Video Game Maps

I love these hand-drawn vintage video game maps by various unnamed artists. They remind me of Joan Miro, Brice Marden, Julie Mehretu and Mark Lombardi. Great stuff - especially the Zork I map.

from Zelda Legends
from Zelda Legends
from Atari 2600 dot com (available for purchase!)
from Secret Fun Blog
Zork I from Secret Fun Blog
from a forum thread on hand-drawn video game maps at
from a forum thread on hand-drawn video game maps at


Andy said...

Hi Nathan,
I stumbled across this post searching for images of hand-drawn video games on Google.
This is a really great article. Have you ever thought of doing some sort of exhibit to this effect?
I blogged about such a thing, and referenced your seed idea in my blog. Hit me up if you want to talk about evolving this idea...

Tom said...

Haha I just discovered that I'm also interested in old hand-drawn game maps. I still have all of mine saved in a box of treasured possessions. Is there a name for this kind of perversion?

Nathan said...

I'd love to see them Tom. There should be a name for this "kind of perversion"!


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