Friday, May 2, 2008

Landscape and Memory

Tonight at Sliding Door Gallery

“Landscape and Memory”

Recent paintings by Berndt Savig

These paintings revolve around how landscape for me personally is often associated with individuals I have known or still know. I often think of certain people when I see images of or am in certain environments. Sometimes this connection is very concrete and specific. For example, a certain river or a certain hill will remind me of someone I knew at a particular point in my life. Sometimes this is because both of us were at that place together at some time, or in some cases, I think that person would relate to that location. Even if the relationship with that person ends or changes, the link to that landscape continues to exist.

Sometimes the connection between someone from my life is not tied to a specific location but a type of place. Maybe a smoky bar or a cityscape at night will trigger a memory of someone.

The paintings in this show are gouache on board or paper and painted from life, photographs or memory.

Opening reception: Friday May 2, 6 – 10 pm

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