Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This Evening!

Nathan Abels, "Island", Graphite and Colored Pencil on Paper

I am pleased to announce that TODAY - May 20th at 7:30 pm EDT a small editioned print of my drawing titled "Island" will be available for purchase for no more than $25 through the wonderful Tiny Showcase. I will be in good company too -Tiny Showcase has printed editions of works by notable contemporary artists like Josh Keyes, and Marci Washington, and has even been featured in Oprah magazine as well as numerous art and design blogs.

This is a great and very affordable way to start your contemporary art collection and donate to a good cause. Tiny Showcase donates a percentage of the proceeds to a charity of the artist's choice - in my case I will be donating to the Alta Vista Center for Autism here in Denver, where my wife works. Austim rates are soaring nationwide, currently affecting one in every 150 children in the US. This is a organization and cause I feel strongly about and by purchasing my print from Tiny Showcase, you will be donating to help children with autism that attend the Alta Vista Center from all over the Front Range here in Colorado.


Anonymous said...

Your artwork sing to me. "Highway Audience" is a wonderful piece.

Anonymous said...

I missed it!! I hope Tiny Showcase features you again.


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