Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Artists Studios

I think you can tell a lot about an artists by their studio - things they find attractive, their resources, and even a little about their personalities. It may be no surprise then that Remington's studio is filled with western artifacts and Vija Celmins has a spare, white studio. I recently relocated my own studio from the dining room to the kitchen nook which is a bit of a downsize but adequate. I did a post awhile ago about several of my studio manifestations here.

Frederic Remington's studio installed in the Buffalo Bill Museum in Cody, WY
- image via red ravine

Josh Keyes studio (via Fecal Face)
Vija Celmin's studio
Sigmar Polke's studio

Carla Klein's studio

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ybonesy said...

Hi there. Great to look at the various studios (and thanks for the link back to our blog). I also enjoyed the peek into the various incarnations of your studio.

My blog partner and I are planning a similar post about our respective writing spaces. I use mine for small works of art, too, but I'm lacking anything big enough to get dirty.

Space is important, though. Just having a bit carved out for creative work -- nothing like it!


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