Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bill Wray

I love the show Ren&Stimpy - and the paintings of Bill Wray really enhanced the show:

Bill Wray, "Ren and Stimpy in: ‘Space Madness." Cover art
He also does non-cartoon paintings like these:

Bill Wray "Michigan" Oil on Canvas, 12x12"

Bill Wray, "Sunland and San-Fern"

I like these two paintings especially - they remind me of James Howard Kunstler's work in his choice of subject matter. Both artists depict the landscape as it is, without editing out less attractive elements like McDonalds, power plants, and automobiles. These are the things that we see the most - it should seem obvious for landscape painting to incorporate these places and things. I often eliminate the excess of the landscapes I choose to paint, but I admire the honesty in these.

James Howard Kunstler, "Off-ramp at Exit 29 of Interstate 87"

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