Saturday, July 26, 2008

Busy Busy

I've been blogging a little less lately trying to finish up a painting. It's based off of this photo:

And I thought there were elements of this image that reminded me of some of of my favorite abstractionists. For example, look at the fence section at the bottom of the image - it reminds me of a Agnes Martin grid or one of Frank Stella's monochromatic striped compositions:

Agnes Martin

Frank Stella (detail) photo by B-Mer

And I thought the roof sections reminded me of a Robert Motherwell painting - this may be a little more of a stretch or more difficult to see, but I've blurred the photo to make it more pronounced:
more blurred:
cropped in:

Robert MotherwellRobert Motherwell

I know it does not look just like a Motherwell, but I think the roof has a similar visual rhythm. Well that's what I see anyway...

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